In AppInterWeb excel in comprehensive solutions covering all your needs with a single management, ERP-integrated local program in a web environment. Provide your customers order entry, viewing invoices, tracking of shipments and other Internet process.

Offer totally updated information and allow customers and partners consultations from anywhere in the world with fast systems, dynamic and fully integrated ERP functionality.


E-Commerce integrated with your ERC

  • Set up an online store directly from your ERP
  • Add and remove products from your store with one click
  • Set the price, offers and news sections
  • Offer customers access only your ERP or allow the purchase to the general public
  • Full control of web orders

 Online Ordering System

  • Make it easy for your customers or vendors Order introduction
  • Fast and dynamic environment
  • Possibility to export to Excel
  • Orders and Products search

Stock Control

  • Let your customers display Stock
  • Custom queries and a date
  • Automatic generation of purchase orders based on demand.

Invoices Online

  • Provide your customers electronic invoices
  • Avoid filing customer invoices in paper format and save costs
  • Information Security fully guaranteed. digital Signature
  • Save time with customers on receipt of invoices

Web Catalog

  • Generate automatically and directly from their ERP product catalog for web viewing
  • Fully customized catalogs
  • Offer your customers updated information 24 hours a day

Custom Data Presentation

  • Publish any information from your ERP in a web system for any use (internal company presentation to customers, suppliers, etc..)
  • Avoid using remote connections licenses or Simple Query
  • Any information accessible from anywhere in the world.